We Like Women Political Party-WeLikeWomenism!

We Like Women Salutes!-----> Every day, all boys and girls in public schools and all men and women in government shall salute to salutes that are something like: We Like Women and We Are Proud to Like Women! ------> These salutes shall be focused on conditioning everyone to like women better!


A new We Like Women Pledge of Allegiance! We will do whatever it legally takes to have a new American pledge of allegiance that is something very similar to this!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible, in which we like women and we are proud to like women, with liberty and justice for all.

There are many other types of salutes and pledges we can "create" and/or "evolve" that can be designed to condition everyone to like women better! The following are examples and we are always open to suggestions and/or changes and/or new salutes!

Examples of new We Like Women type of salutes are: Every day in class kids will raise their hands and say "We Like Women Pride" to each other in the morning!   

Another example can be: Every morning, all federal government employees will say something like "We LIke Women Pride" to each other while reporting to their federal government jobs (and even state and local governments and government employees will be encouraged to create and/or "evolve" these We Like Women salutes to each other!)

All of these new "We Like Women type" of pledges or salutes will be passed through legislation  or voted on in a popular vote! Because we feel that over 90% of women will vote to have these pledges or salutes passed because these pledges or salutes will make everyone like women better, we feel confident that we can have these new salutes officially recognized by the United States government! 

HI, my name is M. Eric Thorson. I am the founder of the We Like Women Political Party.---------I will do whatever it takes to pass the We Like Women Laws!----Laws that will make everyone like women better!------------->I will do whatever it takes to get millions, and then billions, of people, into the We Like Women Political Party and make it the biggest political movement ever known! ------Please e-mail me at welikewomenpoliticalparty@live.com if you have any questions!