We Like Women Political Party-WeLikeWomenism!

Flying Cars For All Women and Men!

By any means necessary, the We Like Women Political Party will do whatever it takes to legalize the flying car and flying vehicles! (There already are flying cars that are legalized and approved by the FAA)!

------->We want to legalize full vertical take off and vertical landing flying cars, so you can just walk out of your door or go to your garage, and get in the car, and vertically take off and fly where you have to go! (Thousands of flying cars have been invented and we will do whatever it takes to legalize the flying car!)



 ------->The Terrafugia* is already approved by the FAA. It is not a vertical take off and land flying car, but it is a step in the right direction.

(*The Terrafugia has no affiliation with The We Like Women Political Party. We are just expressing our legal free speech opinion rights by letting you know that there are flying cars that have already been invented because one of our political goals is to legalize vertical take off and landing flying vehicles. Although the Terrafugia is not a vertical take off and landing flying car, we feel it is an "inspiring example" of our goal to legalize the flying car. We are not advertising, promoting, or giving any opinion about the Terrafugia. The Terrafugia is a public company and does sell flying cars to the public. Therefore, it can be expressed in legal opinions and political opinions. Our political and legal goal, to legalize the vertical take off and land flying vehicles, is one reason we mention the Terrafugia.--------->To be honest, some people might think our flying car goal is way too "out there" as a political goal. The fact that there are already flying cars legalized and approved by the FAA, like the Terrafugia, is an example that might not make our flying car goal seem way too "out there!"


 Flying backpacks, flying motorcycles, flying bicycles, flying brooms (like the kind witches use in movies), flying shoes, flying jackets, flying boats, flying carpets, flying etc., etcetra shall be encouraged to be legalized. We shall demand the legalization of all types of flying vehicles. (YES, ALL TYPES OF FLYING VEHICLES ARE BEING INVENTED. FOR EXAMPLE, GET ON THE INTERNET AND LOOK UP FLYING BACKPACK OR FLYING JETPACK, YOU WILL SEE THOUSANDS OF WEBSITES!)--------->Face it, it would be fun to have a flying car or flying shoe or flying etc., etcetra



We can save hundreds of billions of dollars, and even trillions of dollars, in eliminating road construction and road maintenance costs with flying vehicles! Every year our country spends hundreds of billions of dollars, possibly even trillions of dollars (I am not sure of the number, but it is a high number at least in the hundreds of billions and possibly in the trillions of dollars) in road construction and road maintenance costs.

(For example, I saw a newspaper article about a highway in Maine - (not even a freeway, just a road highway with no bridges), that needed basic upkeeping and basic repairs on just 3 miles of road and the estimated cost was $28,000,000. $28,000,000 for just 3 miles. I believe we have millions of miles of roads, or at least hundreds of thousands of miles of roads, that we are constantly building and repairing.


Safety features, we can program the flying cars with satellites so they can never fly over large buildings or city areas with the flying cars. They can be programmed to fly around it!---------->

Levitating vehicles in city areas. In city areas the cars can be programmed to levitate 6 feet in the air or so! That way we can eliminate road costs and the cars would not fly over high buildings!------------->The flying vehicles will have sensors on them so as not to hit each other or hit physical objects, wires, animals, or people when landing or flying!



Flying over snow! There are intense snowstorms and snowfall in many areas of the country that make it very difficult, if not impossible, to drive through during the winter. With the flying car, we can fly over snow during the winter. We can also eliminate the very expensive costs of "snow clearing the roads."


Everyone can have a large home with property! No more apartments, condos, townhomes, or little homes with a little property! Everyone can have a large home with property if they want one.With flying vehicles, we can all fly into more unpopulated areas that do not have a lot of roads or any roads whatsoever and buy cheap property and build large homes. (I read a statistic that says that nearly 98% of our land mass is not being inhabited by people. That is a huge area that we can move into and live in!)

Examples of places that we can fly into are areas like forests, the deserts, the mountains, the plains, the bayous, the swamps, the tundra, and snowy places like Alaska and Northern Canada, etc., etcetra. (Alaska and Northern Canada are huge territories and roads are too expensive and difficult to build and there would be huge snow clearing costs. With the flying car we can easily move millions, and even hundreds of millions of people, into Alaska and Northern Canada. Other places that would be too expensive to build lots of roads and would have huge snow clearing costs would be the Rocky Mountains, which includes both the Canadian Rockies and the American Rockies. With the flying car we can easily move tens of millions of people into the Canadian Rockies and the American Rockies!)



THIS IS INTERESTING TO MENTION-->The flying car can be upgraded into the flying spacecar! After the flying car is legalized and is being mass produced, the flying car can be upgraded into the flying spacecar and we can fly into outer space. We can even have flying spacebackpacks, flying spacejackets, flying spacesuits, etc., etcetra.....



HI, my name is M. Eric Thorson. I am the founder of the We Like Women Political Party.---------I will do whatever it takes to pass the We Like Women Laws!----Laws that will make everyone like women better!------------->I will do whatever it takes to get millions, and then billions, of people, into the We Like Women Political Party and make it the biggest political movement ever known! ---->Please e-mail us at welikewomenpoliticalparty@live.com!

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